The goal of NorthStar is to develop leaders who take ownership for personal growth and investment in the Kingdom as well as view themselves as life-long learners. As a result of the 2-year innovative, hands on training program trainees build a foundation of discernment in their personal walk with God and grow in their ability to relate to others in evangelism while learning to lead in the church.

As a result of NorthStar training program, churches can develop people who handle the Word more accurately, whether in teaching, leading a group, or helping others. Trainees are also equipped to help carry their load in the overall ministry of the church. Overall this training program infuses momentum in churches as it provides a vehicle for developing leaders who are grounded in the Word, have a heart for reaching out to others and can help shape values and culture of a church.

For pastors who desire to develop Value Shaping Ministries, 17:6 Network has done the work of developing a lay-leadership training program that helps pastors develop lay leaders with a different heart. Since the program, curriculum, and organization are already developed and available for pastors to use, pastors and staff can focus their time on the actual development of people through coaching and experiential training. Instead of sinking hours into materials or curriculum, pastors are empowered to put their time into their people—the church’s future.

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NorthStar Training

As a result of our first semester of training one of our men in training said that NorthStar has helped by giving him a pack of guys to run with and has really encouraged him to be more disciplined in his work, family life, and ministry

Thad Lanthripe Executive Pastor, Church in the Valley

I have seen the confidence of our lay leaders grow as they read through the Bible and are given training in how to properly interpret difficult passages. The big difference between NorthStar and the other training programs we have tried is that NorthStar is not just an academic process. The coaching and experiential learning activities have the ability to shape the values of the trainees not just their minds.

Bevan Unrau Sr. Pastor, Seabreeze Church

NorthStar has helped us identify potential leaders and given us a plan for training them.

Josh De La Rosa Sr. Pastor, Orangecrest Community Church