Horizon is an 8-month training program that provides churches with opportunities to develop their church attenders and members in the perspective and values necessary to experience and grow a God-centered life. Horizon is designed to help Christians grow in the area of Lordship as well as gain a vision for actively growing in their walk with God and joining their church in accomplishing the Great Commission.

Through Horizon, churches can help their people learn the essentials for living a life that pleases God by reading the Bible, building practical habits for Christian living, studying what God says about different arenas of life, and learning to choose His ways.¬† This program helps Christians take next steps in Lordship, walking with God, reading the Bible, praying, relationships at church, evangelism, choosing God’s ways, giving, and serving. Horizon has proven to aid churches in kick starting the spiritual growth of newer Christians or Christians who are motivated to take the initial steps of walking with God.