Training Programs

A key part of 17:6 Network mission is…

“Creating, developing and operating training programs that develop leadership skills in the context of Biblical Perspective and Kingdom Values.” 

Our team has spent countless hours developing, field testing and adjusting content, curriculum and experiences to provide unique, cutting edge training programs to meet a variety of specific needs in the local church. Below you will find two such programs outlined that our team created.

Training Programs

Our Team is constantly working on developing cutting edge training programs for the churches part of the 17:6 Network. In addition to the programs listed above, we currently have other programs in development.

One of the programs deals with living in the Kingdom of God. A guided, self-paced program for lay-leaders to help them learn how to live wisely and biblically across all arenas of life (i.e. Marriage, parenting, financial stewardship, work and so on).

Another program, will be aimed at developing high caliber lay leaders in the church who will: lead courageously, hold tightly to the truth, have developed a Biblical perspective and worldview, have a deep and personal walk with the Lord, understand and have skill at various levels of leadership, communicate effectively and lead in developing people by shaping values and culture at their church and in the places around them.

For more information on our Antioch Project and NorthStar programs please visit:
Antioch Project
NorthStar Training