Hands-On Experience

A benefit of the Antioch Project is the opportunity to see situations that come up in ministry from God’s angle and learn how to respond to these in an appropriate and pleasing way to the Lord. Having the opportunity to do this outside of real life, with time to think and with the help of those wiser than me is invaluable to saving trouble, hardship, and correction from the Lord in the future.”

-Glenda, Texas Campus

“There is a lot of specific ministry training that you just cannot get from a book or a lecture, and they way Antioch Project is structured with books, discussion, case studies, and real-life ministry application, really is the full-meal-deal when it comes to moving principles into practice.”

– Brian, Texas Campus

“Something I have experienced in Antioch is that it gives me effective tools that I can use in ministry and in life. This is not about head knowledge but rather a change in perspective and values in my heart.”

-Jodi, Southern California Campus

“The requirement of a “Top Ten” learning’s in combination with asking questions about the material has created an opportunity for deep learning. In addition, the gift of having our questions answered and the time set aside to discuss the material, with other like-hearted believers has helped shift my perspective, checked my values, and opened up so many new categories for organizing my thinking.”

-Jennifer, Southern California Campus

“I have been able to take what I am learning and apply it to my family, work, and ministry. It has been a huge help!”

-Thad, Southern California Campus


“The practical training and learning that comes with Antioch has been incredibly helpful. And getting to do that alongside a group of people, in Texas and California, who are like minded and like hearted has made the experience even sweeter.”

-Samantha, Southern California Campus

“It is motivating and fulfilling to be learning and growing with a group of like minded people with whom we can partner to make a difference in the kingdom!”

-Carol, Texas Campus

Building Foundation

“The Antioch Project has provided for me a foundation for ministry. I am learning the background and fundamental underpinnings of a life shaping ministry. In this project, we have been granted access to the strategy behind Hope. We are hearing directly from Pastor Harold how things have been developed and though through. The biggest impact of this access has been the introduction into what really makes ultimately changes behavior and beliefs. This practically plays out immediately as I am able to apply this knowledge to my areas of ministry we are serving in.”

-Randall, Texas Campus


“Living life with people ahead of me who are giving much of their time, money, and energy to advancing the Kingdom has challenged and motivated me to do the same. I am extremely grateful for their example, time, and investment.”

-Lindsay, Southern California Campus

“One of my favorite things about the Antioch Project is the consistent 1×1 time with AP program staff. I leave every meeting with helpful advice and tools to use in the specific situations I’m dealing with in my personal life and ministry.”

-Bruce, Southern California Campus

Preparation for the Future

Everything I’m learning is so valuable in how I relate to people, assess situations and serve or lead teams. If it has been this helpful so far, I know I want to keep pushing forward and get as much out of the program as possible. If we end up going out somewhere to start a new church or ministry, Lord willing, the training we received will help us build something that lasts and avoid needless mistakes.”

-Hannah, Texas Campus

“In Antioch I have been able to learn a whole new realm of concepts that are crucial to starting a new ministry. Before participating in Antioch, there would have been tons of issues I would have faced without having any idea what was causing them or how to address them. There will still be problems, but now I will have an idea of what caused them and have a strategy for addressing them.”

-Stephen, Texas Campus

“When I came to Hope I was in seminary and after a difficult ministry experience overseas, there was still a desire to go overseas or at least work cross-culturally. At present, I have no marching orders other than to help the ministry of Hope go forward. If the Lord changes that, I would not be surprised, so I am trying to plan to learn so I can be a better help, either at Hope or helping others in their ministry.”

-Jeff, Texas Campus

Practical Training

“Antioch is extremely relevant and practical to my daily life, so I’m motivated to continue in the program despite the high level of commitment it requires. As a stay at home of 3 children I can so clearly see the disconnect between just knowing biblical truth and actually living it. Through my involvement in Antioch, I have found great motivation and encouragement in my role as a wife and mother as well as my role as a leader in the ministry at church.”

-Samantha, Southern California Campus

“What keeps me motivated is looking back over the time I’ve been part of this training and seeing what benefit it has been to me personal, my marriage, and my understanding of how to effectively move forward on mission.”

-Lance, Texas Campus

Personal Growth

“My main motivation has been looking back and see how much growth and character has been developed. Antioch continues to challenge the way I do life and really helps me deal with life the way it was written in scripture.”

-Crystal, Texas Campus

“This is an amazing program. I am motivated by all the things that I am learning from wise people about God’s word and being able to implement them into my life and current ministry.”

-Katie, Southern California Campus

“I am motivated to continue because of growth I’ve seen in myself and the other students in the Antioch Project. I’ve been stretched and challenged but have really been changed by God through it!”

-Cody, Southern California Campus

Structure and Accountability

“I’m motivated to continue to be challenged and grow in wisdom. Antioch provides accountability and encouragement to stay teachable and develop in knowledge and character.”

-Christian, Texas Campus

Family Development

“I see the benefit the training has been to my wife, my family and my church. As I gain clarity in key areas in life, my ability to function as a husband, father and ministry partner grows.”

-Josh, Texas Campus

Learning How to Help Others Grow


“Having spent twenty-two months in overseas missions, I discovered that there was a lot I needed to learn about how to walk with God, how to help others walk with God, and how to plant healthy, reproducing ministries and churches. What I’m learning while being apart of Antioch has been extremely practical to serving in ministry and walking with God.” 

-Meghan, Texas Campus