Trainees & Coaches

“Reading through the Bible that quickly [in the first year of the training] created a sense of what God is up to in the world, and how my life fits into what he is doing. I really grew in my capacity to blend getting God’s word in my life with 3 kids ages 2 and under. God really challenged me on some specific character issues that will make me a better leader and church member.”
– Brittany Neece, Trainee at Orangecrest Community Church


“I learned to be more efficient with my time. The surprising amount of material to complete each week forced me to re-evaluate my time and “prioritize out” options that would not be the most beneficial. I have solidified my once haphazard desire and practice of making the car my classroom.”
                                             – Rick Myers, Coach at Hope Church


“It helps to discuss with someone ahead of you, where you are at in relation to the teachings and where you need to go.” [About coaching]
-Jay Turner, Trainee at Seabreeze Church


“The guys I was coaching all came to NorthStar at a similar age & stage but with different needs and goals for themselves yet the program met them all right where they were at and has helped them to grow in very specific ways.”
– Greg Fuller, Coach at Church in the Valley


“Even though I don’t think of myself as a “leader” in the traditional sense of the word, I realized the things I learned in NorthStar will help me in the leadership roles I do have, e.g. mom, example to others as a relatively more mature Christian at church, etc. God showed me that He may be training me for something in the future, even if I don’t feel like a “leader” now.”
– Brenda Bustamante, Trainee in Year 2 & Coach for Year 1 at Chico Community Church



“I have seen the confidence of our lay leaders grow as they read through the Bible and are given training in how to properly interpret difficult passages. The big difference between NorthStar and the other training programs we have tried is that NorthStar is not just an academic process. The coaching and experiential learning activities have the ability to shape the values of the trainees not just their minds.” 
– Bevan Unrau, Senior Pastor, Seabreeze Church


“This program has really added value to the organization in giving us a great training opportunity to offer our people who are already serving and sacrificing for the church.” 
– Thad Lanthripe, Executive Pastor, Church in the Valley


“NorthStar has helped us identify potential leaders and given us a plan for training them.” 
– Josh De La Rosa, Senior Pastor, Orangecrest Community Church