Program Overview


Program Structure and Schedule of Course Offerings

Antioch Project is designed intentionally to provide students experience in hands-on ministry with coaching. In fact the United States Army recognizes different levels of leadership and corresponding levels of training needed. Antioch Project is built to train students at each of these levels with knowledge, discernment and leadership skills through hands-on experience, personal study, classroom learning and mentoring in leadership.


Army Leadership Expertise

“NCOs [Non- Commissioned Officers] like to make a decision right away and move on to the next thing…so the higher up the flagpole you go, the more you have to learn a very different style of leadership.”

– Command Sergeant Major Douglas E. Murray, United States Army Reserve


Antioch Project is a 5 year program made up of 3 Levels of training



Family Life Development Center

Students in Antioch Project also complete an innovative and unique 25 week course (over 75 hours) in learning to help others solve problems. By completing FLDC Training, students also earn credits toward their MTS degree. Through this training program students learn:

  • Biblical Perspective on problems, solutions, boundaries, marriage, parenting, patterns of choices, folly and the role of a “Helper.”
  • Skills in asking great questions, categorizing problems and in helping others solve problems.
  • How to Activate Their Skills through hands-on opportunities in class (case study, role-play and supervision of real situations people are helping others work through).