Pressure and Character Development


NorthStar provides a framework for learning how to turn ideas into realities in your life. Growing in character involves enduring through pressure.

     – We each carry around ideas (concepts, principles) in our mind about God: that He is good, kind, that He enables us

        to do life, etc.

    – The truth of God’s Word actually becomes part of who we are by enduring through pressure.

    – Whenever the pressure is on and we know what God says, we face the choice:

             – to take God’s Word seriously and chose to obey it

             – or to give up and run away

             – Through enduring the intense pressure and making choices to act based on God’s Word, these ideas we

               have held about God, move from merely ideas into values, perspectives and convictions in our hearts

               (as pictured below).


If you decide to join NorthStar, you will most likely experience pressure in various areas of life, this is actually the Lord’s faithfulness to you-He is helping you change your heart.

     – As you endure (trusting the Lord and asking Him for help), God will use this process (enduring under pressure) to

              – turn ideas and understanding you gain (through your Bible reading, homework assignments,

                 Training Meetings, and Coaching Meetings) into reality in your life,

                           – changing your perspective

                           – deepening your character and

                           – changing your heart