Master’s Degree

Master of Divinity

Offered by Northwest Baptist Seminary

Students of Antioch Project are able to earn a Master of Divinity degree, accredited by the Association of Theological Schools (ATS) through Antioch Project Immerse (API) offered by the 17:6 Network through their partnership with Northwest Baptist Seminary in Canada. The Antioch Project Immerse program is delivered entirely through Antioch Project in the context of the local church or ministry.  API uses a mastery model of education meaning that students earn credit by proving their mastery of the program outcomes.  For more information about this model of education please visit Northwest Baptist Seminary’s Immerse Program webpage.


Antioch Project Immerse Overview

Length of Program4 years (Antioch Project students start the program in their 2nd year of Antioch Project in order to finish API by the end of their 5th year in Antioch Project.)

Total Credits Earned: 87

Approximate Cost:  $26,500 CAD ($6,620.00 CAD per year) (This includes $6,500 CAD for yearly tuition and $120.00 CAD per year for a Library/Tech fee)

Additional Coursework
The degree is based on and utilizes the Antioch Project curriculum. As students complete the Antioch Project training program, they are completing the majority of the work required for the degree. Antioch Project Immerse students are required to complete additional papers and extra study in exegesis of scripture and eschatology above and beyond what is required of Antioch Project students.

Who is Eligible?

  • Students who enter Immerse with an approved undergraduate degree (determined by NBS Dean) will receive a Master of Divinity from NBS upon completion of the program requirements.
  • Students who enter Immerse without a completed undergraduate degree, but with at least sixty hours of undergraduate training, will receive a Bachelor’s Degree upon completion of the first two years, and the full Master of Divinity upon completion of the remaining Outcomes.
  • Students may be admitted to Immerse with 40 hours of undergraduate courses completed, but these students must earn 20 hours of undergraduate courses, simultaneous to Antioch Project Immerse, during the first 2 years of the program. Upon completion of Antioch Project Immerse the student would receive a Bachelors and an MDiv for their work.
  • Students who are over 35 yrs old, without a bachelor’s degree, may be considered for entrance into Antioch Immerse as a “mature learner” and can complete their Bachelor’s and Master of Divinity.

Transfer Credits from Other Seminaries in Antioch Project Immerse
Immerse is structured such that students are able to bring approved graduate-level credits into the program as evaluated at the time of admission. No more than one-third of overall degree credits can be transferred into Immerse due to the mastery of outcomes, mentor-based approach of the degree.