Map of US based 17:6 Network Churches


The churches below are a part of our growing network. 17:6 churches commit to work toward and implement the Mission, Methods, and Values. To learn more about each church and how the 17:6 Network has benefited the pastor and congregation as a whole, click on the logos below.

Chico, CA

Chico Community Church

Ontario, CA

Church in the Valley

Alhambra, CA

Church in the Valley Alhambra

San Diego, CA

Compass Church

Warrenton, VA

Cornerstone Baptist Church

Fort Worth, TX

Hope Church

Downey, CA

Legacy Church

Irvine, CA

Pacific Church of Irvine

Reno, NV

Pathfinder Church

Santee, CA

Pathways Community Church

Huntington Beach, CA

Pierpoint Community Church

Fontana, CA

Ridgeview Church

Parkville, MO

RiverPark Church

Huntington Beach, CA

Seabreeze Church

Colby, KS

Seed of Hope Church

Riverside, CA

Stone Arbor Church

Gladstone, MO

The Grove Church

Santa Clarita, CA

Valley Lights Church

Colby, KS

Seed of Hope Church