Pathfinder Church

Scott Lamberth is the founding and Lead Pastor of Pathfinder Church in Reno, NV.  In June of 2023, Scott and his wife, Penny, were sent to plant Pathfinder Church by Stone Arbor Church in Riverside, CA (another 17:6 Network church).  Pathfinder Church has been a part of the 17:6 Network since its founding.

"It has been my joy and privilege to have been a part of now 3 churches within the 17:6 Network. My wife and I came to Church in the Valley in early 2000. We were blessed with much training and personal organic mentoring. This prompted us with a great desire to see more 17:6 Network churches planted. We were sent out as launch team members to assist with the planting of Stone Arbor Church. This is where I served on staff until I was then launched again to plant Pathfinder Church. I consider our heritage within the 17:6 Network to have been a gift from God! We bought up every training program offered over the years and have been exposed to, or trained in, nearly every aspect of church life. We had opportunities for growth and training ranging from being young and untrained consumers of church life to full-time staff in executive level pastoral ministry. Staying involved and connected to the 17:6 Network is a lifeline and a plumbline to remaining the course of stewarding God's call on our lives."
Scott Lamberth
Founding & Lead Pastor