Pacific Church of Irvine

Seth Gatchell is the founder and Senior Pastor of Pacific Church of Irvine. He planted the church in Irvine, California in 1985. Pacific Church of Irvine has been a member of the 17:6 Network since it started in 2005.

I have always wanted to take what I learned from Harold Bullock over the years and train my church members in a life changing way, but trying to juggle all the responsibilities of Senior Pastor seemed to limit my own involvement in discipleship. The 17:6 Network has created a way for busy Senior Pastors, like me, to train their church members in a life changing way without having to create it on their own! NorthStar, a 17:6 Network training program, has given Pacific Church a way for their current and rising leaders to get training in the essentials of walking with God, evangelism, leadership, and much more. I am grateful for the way the 17:6 Network has been able to pull the resources together to create training programs that are life changing for all involved.
Seth Gatchell
Founding & Senior Pastor