Hope Church

Matt Sturdevant is the Lead Pastor at Hope Church in Fort Worth, TX. Hope was started in 1978 by Harold Bullock. Hope Church has been part of the 17:6 Network since the network began.

The 17:6 Network has greatly impacted my life personally and professionally. When I was a college student in Southern California in the late 1990s, before the network had been formed, I was first introduced to it’s culture and values by attending Pierpoint Church. That experience radically changed my life and it was at that time that I caught the vision to personally seek training and development and be part of something much larger than myself. Today, as I lead the staff at Hope Church, the Network continues to provide training and development opportunities for me and those I lead. It also provides a community, a tribe to run with, of those who are like hearted and likeminded. The training programs offered by 17:6 Network additionally offer unique, one of a kind experiences for our church members to grow personally in their walk with God and develop real, practical skills to lead out in our church.
Matt Sturdevant
Lead Pastor