Compass Church

David Worcester is the founder and Lead Pastor of Compass Church. He planted the church in San Diego, California in 2018. Compass Church has been a member of the 17:6 Network since 2018.

I have already benefited greatly from being a part of the 17:6 network. Growing up, I spent formative years at Hope Church in Fort Worth and benefited from living in a home that sought to live out the “Heart Attitudes.” Throughout my ministry, I have received timely insights from 17:6 network leaders that have helped guide my ministry journey. Since planting Compass, it’s been great hosting 17:6 network teams, attending the Wisdom Conference, So Cal Men’s Summit, and rubbing shoulders with like-minded churches. I have already benefited from the wisdom of seasoned network pastors and encouragement from others running alongside me. I’m excited to see how Compass can team up with the 17:6 Network to multiply life-changing churches throughout the world.
David Worcester
Founding & Lead Pastor