Church in the Valley

Randal Lanthripe is the founding and Senior Pastor of Church in the Valley. In 1987, Randal and his wife, Cindy, founded Church in the Valley in Diamond Bar, California.  In 2018, the Church moved to Ontario Ranch, CA. Church in the Valley has been a member of the 17:6 Network since its formation in 2005.

The 17:6 Network has been crucial for the development of the people in my congregation and staff. Our connections to the other churches in 17:6 has helped us make strides toward becoming a life changing church. The opportunity for Church in the Valley staff and members to connect with other staff and members in 17:6 churches through conferences, mission trips and other activities of the 17:6 Network increases momentum toward the vision and mission God has given. The camaraderie spurs us to a greater effort in life and ministry roles back home. I don’t know where our church would be without the 17:6 Network’s encouragement and training opportunities over the years.
Randal Lanthripe
Founding & Senior Pastor